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Vending Micro Markets - Clients simply pick out the items that they would like to purchase, scan the UPC symbol at the kiosk and then pay with a credit card, market key tag, fingerprint or cash. The kiosk accepts a wide variety of payment options: • MasterCard or Visa; • Alternatively, you can use a key-tag (deposit cash or slide your credit/debit card to load funds) or even simpler using Fingerprint technology. In contrast to standard vending machines, this approach gives our clients so many more choices in the number and sizes of selections. With Vending Micro Markets you are no longer limited to your choice of products - rather a whole new world of options open up – giving you a broad choice of healthy, fresh and “Grocery-Store” options. You decide on the variety you want to make available to your employees – and we’ll customize your “Mini-Market” just for you based on the total space available and your preferences. Contact Premier Vending today and speak to one of our vending micro markets specialists about how Vending Micro Markets can help with your office vending needs.

vending micro markets

PREMIER VENDING - (480) 961-3969

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