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Coffee and Tea – Premier Vending understands that coffee and Tea is a vital part of most offices and having the best brands available is important to our clients. We offer a wide variety of gourmet Coffee and Tea with flavors that will compliment the individual brewing machine of your choice, including popular labels such as Starbucks Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Peet’s Coffee. Premier Vending can set-up a beverage service at your place of business. Not sure a beverage service is right for your business? Give our free 3 day coffee trial service a try and test drive it first. Coffee is not only a good way to provide quality customer service to your clients, but also can improve productivity in your employees as well. Still not convinced? Studies have shown the benefits of coffee breaks for employees. These studies have shown many benefits ranging from increased team spirit, to an improved work environment, to a bump in productivity…just to name a few. Want to find out more? Contact Premier Vending today and speak to one of our office coffee and tea specialists who can answer any questions you may have.

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