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Water Filtration – Great beverages start with great water. Clean, safe water has obvious health advantages as well. For those reasons, we offer a variety of water filtration options for your business including environmentally friendlier bottled water options. Whether you are looking for single-serve bottled water delivery or an in-line water filtration system, we can customize a program for you.

Bottleless water filtration systems featuring the most advanced filtering and UV systems available deliver safe, crisp tasting water on demand for hydration and better tasting coffee. These systems are designed to remove all chlorine, lead and other taste and odor impurities in the water systems. They also avoid the hassles of storage, mess and replacement of large 5 gallon water bottles. Additionally, these systems are much more sanitary than bottled water systems, as there is no chance of contamination of the water since the water is never exposed to outside elements. These attractive units simply need a water line installed which we will do at the time of installation.

Premier Vending will take care of the entire water filtration installation process from start to finish. Experience the difference filtered water can make with your next cup of coffee. Call Premier Vending today and speak with one of our Water Filtration Specialist’s who can answer any questions you may have concerning Water Filtration and bottled water options.

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