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Compare Vending Services – The purpose of Dare to Compare Vending Services is to provide you with a tool to assist in the selection process of a vending and coffee service company for your business.  

The Dare to Compare Vending Services Comparison Chart summarizes the benefits and features available through Premier’s services.  Our objective is to minimize your company’s risks through our Security and Liability measures while enhancing our Service Guarantees.

Please call – our consultants are available to answer all of your questions. At your request, we are ready to arrange a Dare to Compare Vending Services demonstration of our services in your office.  

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Compare Vending Services

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Your Liability Protection

  • Provides a Certificate of Liability Insurance with your Company included as an Additional Named Insured;
  • Provides a Certificate of Insurance evidencing the Vending Company’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance;
  • Provide an automatic annual update on each Certificate of Insurance.

Your Contractual Protection

  • Provides an “Out Clause” for your protection in the event the vending company does not perform in accordance with the contract;
  • Protects you against an automatic “locked in” renewal before your contract’s expiration date;
  • Guarantees product prices for a period of time – to protect you against teaser rates just to get in the door.

Your Security Protection

  • Require their Route Drivers and Service Technicians to undergo background checks and DPS fingerprint cards.
  • Require Route Drivers and Service Technicians to be uniformed, polite and responsive.

Your Service Guarantee

  • All soda machines are stocked and repaired by our in-house staff and never out-sourced to third parties.
  • Guarantee you a seamless and efficient delivery and installation process.
  • Require their service representatives to call or contact you on a monthly basis for service issues and questions.
  • Have the flexibility to provide the products your employees want and ask for.
  • Respond within hours to a call for service.
  • Deliver products after hours or on weekends.

Professional Standards

  • Maintains an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Supports local charitable organizations and community services.

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PREMIER VENDING – (480) 961-3969

Compare Vending Services


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