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healthy vending options

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Healthy Vending Options – Using the industry standards created thru NAMA’s Fit Pick program, as well as the Alliance for a Healthier Generations standards; Premier Vending has found a way to identify products that are healthier choices. The 35-10-35 guidelines were created by several nutrition groups as a way of deciphering products that are healthier choices. These Healthy Vending Options have no more than 35% of their calories derived from fat, not more than 10% derived from saturated fat, and not more than 35% of the total weight derived from sugar (nuts and seeds excluded). In addition, these products also have caps in sodium and calories. 

Choosing healthier snack options is something we all should try to do. Premier Vending can design a healthier vending program for your office or business based on these Healthy Vending Options. Offering these Healthy Vending Options to your employees and customers will show your concern for their health and well being.

Premier Vending can suggest options that are not only healthier, but delicious as well. Contact Premier Vending and speak to one of our vending professionals to discuss your Healthy Vending Options.  

PREMIER VENDING – (480) 961-3969

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